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For a truly unique experience on a beach facing Belize’s world-famous barrier reef, we invite you to enjoy our sister resort, Matachica Resort & Spa on Ambergris Caye.

Explore Belize’s Natural Wonders

Gaïa Riverlodge provides the perfect base from which to explore Belize’s natural wonders. With wonderful views of both the falls and the surrounding jungle forest reserve, the lodge invites you to sit back, breathe deep, and relax to the sound of cascading water. The treetops are alive with bird activity, and bird watchers enjoy spotting species unique to this habitat, such as the Acorn Woodpecker, as well as the regular visitors like Orioles, Oropendolas, and Kites. At the falls and along our trails, you will also see a spectacular display of over 450 species of orchids, palmettos, bromeliads and other exotic plants while butterflies dance above.

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