Experience Gaia Riverlodge
Experience Gaia Riverlodge

The Lodge

Experience Gaia Riverlodge


Gaïa, the mother of life and all creation-the Greek goddess of Earth. Her powers were unlimited, just like nature’s. Perched atop of the magnificent Five-Sisters Waterfalls in Belize’s famed Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Gaïa will fulfill its promise to reconnect you to your adventurous and truest being by disconnecting you from everything else. The second you set foot on the property a weight lifts. The quiet of the rainforest, its birds and butterflies, magnificent flora, the pink and orange sunsets glowing upon the pine trees, and finally, the distant roaring of the waterfall will work their magic. You’ll instantly feel vibrant and connected to the reality of nature more than ever before. At night, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with our guides and guests from all around the world around the fire pit, underneath a pitch black sky full of stars.

The mysteries of ancient Mayan history will surround you, in every cave, archeological site and wonderfully preserved artifacts that still lie in the Reserve. Gaïa is both a physical and a spiritual experience. You’ll quickly become part of our local family, a devoted and genuinely caring community. Each staff member will make sure your experience in the Belize rainforest is as unforgettable as it should be.

Wanting to offer our clientele the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and their travel partners, we’ve chosen to keep Gaïa an adult-only environment, that is also free of intrusive technologies in the sanctuary of the rooms. Although we love children as much as you, we all need some free time once in a while!

With our electric tram taking you from the lodge to the river, our organic garden, and the fact that we operate on our own hydro power, our offer is unique in Belize and has benefitted us with the proudly won Green Globe Award.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience our Belizean treasure and grasp how infinitely generous nature can be.

Accompanied Children 10 and over are welcome!


  • Children 10+ welcome
  • Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve scenic view
  • On-site waterfall-private access
  • Fresh water natural swimming pools at the Five Sisters Waterfalls
  • Hammocks and lounge chairs
  • Full service restaurant serving fresh produce from our own gardens
  • On site Mayan organic Garden
  • Complimentary continental breakfast
  • Yoga
  • Guided tours and expeditions
  • Spa
  • Complimentary bikes
  • Gift shop


Gaïa is an unique location from which to base  your exploration of the Belizean jungle and rainforest. With expeditions and tours offered by our passionate and nationally certified guides, you’re ensured to get a real experience. Whether you choose the jungle morning walks, guided bird watching, the nocturnal expedition, or mountain biking to a nearby cave you’ll be amazed at how fun and unpredictable your travels can be. You’ll quickly forget time and lose yourself in this incredible spot, seemingly a lifetime away from home. Your ultimate return to civilization nourished by unforgettable memories will be filled with a wonderful energy provided by Gaïa herself!