Gaia packages
Gaia packages


Live the Gaïa experience to the fullest

We’ve tailored and fine-tuned our packages over the last decade to best fit the specific needs of our guests and to feature the best of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and Belize. We offer a wide selection of adventures to make sure that you enjoy our awe-inspiring ocean and authentic rainforest & Mayan heritage. Don’t miss on the opportunity to discover a land of pleasures and treasures.

We are proud that all of our guides are nationally certified by the Belize Tourism Ministry. You’ll be amazed at the knowledge and stories passed on from generations to generations that they will share with you during astonishing ruins visits, snorkeling expeditions, jungle discoveries, and ocean exploration.

Our land is an ecosystem in itself, including both the Caribbean Sea and the luscious jungle and a complete Belize experience must include a visit to the wild of the rainforest, if just for a few nights. Gaïa Riverlodge is a most idyllic spot to enjoy the Belize wilderness. Perched above a series of on-site spectacular waterfalls, this intimate secluded hideaway in the heart of the jungle will take your breath away!

Our devoted representatives will help you find the perfect package to fit your needs and interests. Don’t miss on the opportunity to make the best of your Caribbean getaway.